Administrative and Tax Law

Our law firm provides various services to individuals and legal entities for resolutions of all kind of dispute regarding tax. Part of these services is set out below:
  • Execution of objection processes against administrative actions,
  • Filing, following up and concluding annulment and full remedy lawsuits before Administrative and/or Tax Courts,
  • Objecting to administrative fines and/or tax penalties and filing, following up and concluding related lawsuits,
  • Providing legal support for administrative agreements, filing, following up and concluding lawsuits related to them,
  • Providing consultancy on zoning law and expropriation, following up the disputes arising in these areas,
  • Providing legal support and consultancy regarding the Municipality Law,
  • Legal dispute resolutions arising from false or inadequate declaration of income and assessment, accrual, collection transactions made by administration, faulty reduction and imposing punishments regarding income tax, corporation tax, VAT, motor vehicle tax and the other kinds of taxes,
  • Tax disputes arising from special transactions like intercompany transactions and transactions with shareholders,
  • Providing legal consultancy regarding tax audit reports and notifications for penalty and tax demands,
  • Legal consultancy regarding administrative actions and administrative fines established by tax offices.