Intellectual Property Law

Our law firm provides legal consultancy services to our clients with regards to copyright, trademark, patent and the other intellectual property rights, besides making applications to Turkish Patent Institute (TPI) and WIPO for protecting these intellectual property rights on national and international level. We provide full range of consultancy and attorney service on intellectual property rights field, part of our services are stated below:
  • Providing legal consultancy on negotiating and drawing up agreements including license agreements and agreements for transfer and pledge of intellectual property rights,
  • Conducting necessary researches for protecting trademark, patent and utility models registered with Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and WIPO,
  • Following the annulment suits of Turkish Patent and Trademark Office’s Reexamination and Reevaluation Decision,
  • Following the process for trademark violations made via the internet,
  • Preventing the potential breaches by preparing reports periodically,
  • Following the declaratory action of well-known trademark lawsuits,
  • Following the lawsuits of determination, cessation and prevention of interference in cases of dispute and where the intellectual property rights are infringed,
  • Making applications to relevant institutions for registration of domain names,
  • Providing consultancy services on the transfer of unfair internet domain name registrations to the real right holders and ending the infringements.