Criminal Law

Our law firm provides full range of consultancy and attorneyship service in the field of Criminal Law, the main ones of these services are stated below:
  • Following up and conclusion of criminal cases within the framework of the Turkish Penal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure and all other relevant laws and regulations,
  • Counseling of complainant, suspect and defendant on criminal prosecution and investigation proceedings,
  • Making a denunciation, pursuance and intervention during prosecutorial preliminary investigation,
  • Criminal cases arising from traffic accidents, determinations of fault and objections against this determination,
  • Representation and timely intervention in case of emergency legal support necessity,
  • Counseling to defender or intervener on criminal cases regarding abuse of confidence, unfair competition, larceny, counterfeiting, fraud, aspersion, bid rigging, cyber crimes,
  • Realization, following-up and finalization of individual applications to the Constitutional Court and applications to the European Court of Human Rights,
  • Providing legal consultancy regarding the criminal liability of company directors and/or officials, pursuing the investigation and prosecution processes.