Enforcement & Bankruptcy Law

Our law firm provides legal service to its clients regarding execution process of all kind of debts in the presence of all kind of corporations or individuals resident at Turkey. In the field of enforcement and bankruptcy law, some of our Firm’s services are as follows:

• Making necessary transactions and executions for recovery of debts,

• Making necessary transactions in order to protect rights and benefits regarding Initiation of enforcements against our clients,

• Representing debtors or creditors in withdraw of appeal, lifting of the debtor’s objection and negative declaratory actions,

• Representing debtors or creditors in the lawsuits related to enforcement and bankruptcy law, such as cases of objection to the signature and objection to the debt, actions for recovery,

• Drawing up and negotiating payment protocols,

• Providing legal service regarding restructuring of companies/individuals assets/debts, in the period of restructuring before bankruptcy,

• Providing consultancy and representing services in order for restructuring of companies, arrangement of bankruptcy, postponement of bankruptcy, bankruptcy, winding up and similar transactions.